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Pentian Construction: spectacular dwellings in desirable areas

Pentian Construction is built on the founding principles that have been the company’s guiding force since it was formed in 1997. These principles are to use construction materials that are the best in quality, to provide excellence in the planning and execution of all projects, and to maintain professionalism at all times.
This year, Pentian Construction is marking its 15th anniversary of building spectacular dwellings in desirable urban and suburban regions of Montreal with a stunningly innovative condo project in Pierrefonds. The three associates — Charles Valenti, Tony Amato and Mike Cuplowsky — bring their combined talents to developing constructions that are uncompromising on quality, style and finishing standards.
“This is the perfect place for empty nesters who want to pack up their exterior home maintenance responsibilities and sell their large homes. High end and spacious, there is no need to compromise on luxury of comfort and space,” says Amato.
“The condos are 1,300 – 2,000 sq. ft and each one has its own private entrance for privacy and security. There are no common corridors and there is a large size mezzanine and fully enclosed windows that give the impression of
being in a solarium. Phase I is sold out, Phase II is at 80 percent and phase 3 is at 70 percent.”
The people behind Pentian are experienced and impassioned, building their reputation by applying principles of professionalism, high standards and integrity to every project.
Reliably developing their brand into customer-approved projects, the company’s projects to date boast over 460 homes and 110 condos. With the banners “Condos les Courants” in the Ville Marie-Plateau area, “Condos Heritage Sur le Lac” in the West Island and “Jardins Chomedey” in the ChomedeyLaval district, they continue to build living spaces that exude elegance, promise excellent value and address the home dweller’s expectation for fine quality and best value. The new project in Pierrefonds is another fine example of homes built with the customers’ peace of mind in

mind. Only the best possible products and supplies are used which inevitably results in lowering the rate of repairs and reduce maintenance. This includes construction and materials for what the eye can see and equally as important, for what the eye can‘t see. Pentian Construction ensures that proven and reliable construction technology is incorporated into every aspect of the building process.
“Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with clients, professionals,
municipalities, and trades helping us to succeed with even the most challenging of projects. And we build everything from the inside out without compromising because we stand by our products,” Says Amato. “We want to ensure that the end result is a pleasant experience for our clients.”
Pentian’s credentials include Novo Climat — building homes with a highenergy efficiency rating. As well, they have distinguished themselves by their professionalism year after year after as an accredited member of the APCHQ guarantee plan currently holding a Platinum level in Homeowners warranty Abritat.

For general inquiries, call 450667-3998 ext. 229, email, or visit Pentian Pierrefonds & Les Habitations St.
Martin Inc., 1287 Bergar in Laval.