Mission Statement

Pentian Construction has been actively involved in the residential construction business since 1997. The 3 associates Michael Cuplowsky, Tony Amato and Charles Valenti, with an accumulation of over 90 years of experience in construction, are proud to announce the accomplishments that they have obtained under their 3 banners, Pentian Construction, Pentian Pierrefonds and Habitation St. Martin. In total the Pentian group have realized the construction and delivery of over 460 homes and 110 condos (notwithstanding the partner’s prior accomplishments). To this they add a new banner “Condos Le Courant” with a potential of 234 condos in the Ville Marie – Plateau area of Montreal and “Condos Heritage Sur Le Lac” with a potential of 126 condos in the West Island of Montreal and “Jardins Chomedey” with a total of 46 condos in the Chomedey Laval district.

From the beginning, the PENTIAN GROUP’s mission has been to develop high quality construction to satisfy the most demanding and knowledgeable clientele. Having started by building custom homes in the upper scale district of Val Des Brise, Laval, this has enhanced their experience in dealing with customer satisfaction to the point that it has become their primary objective in any project or development that they encounter.

This experience has become their school of thought, helping Pentian develop special techniques and applications in the construction of all their homes and condos to ensure that quality is the forefront of their Mission. Pentian believes that doing the work properly and cautiously notwithstanding the cost will result in low levels of repairs and maintenance. This starts from the point of conception to the execution and delivery of their products, giving the clients piece of mind. Going forward the Pentian Group’s Mission is to continue focusing on the needs and demands of their customers always maintaining a high level of quality control to ensure the longevity and prestige of their products. Simply when you buy a home or condo from any of the Pentian Banners, you can rest assured that your interest is our priority and that you will be taken care of to ensure you a great experience. In conclusion Pentian would like to thank their complete staff starting from the site workers to the office and sales staff for everything they do on a daily basis to enable the Pentian Group to continue maintaining their standards of quality.