About US

Lifestyle Visionaries for more than 40 Years

Our mission, your satisfaction

For over 20 years The Pentian Group has stood out in condo and town house construction by staying true to their mission of excellence. Our vision is simple: to offer comfort, luxury, and modernity to the people of Greater Montreal. We create unique, high-end units, at suitable prices. Whether it’s condos, rental units, town houses, or more personalized housing, innovation is our drive. We are constantly looking out for new trends to offer you the best on the market. More importantly, we strive to provide you with lodging where you will feel at home.

Our team, guaranteed values

Passionate about the creation of urban spaces, our success stems from: Integrity…we work tirelessly to consistently surpass your expectations; Our Common Passion… Our team is dedicated to organizing construction around one aspect – your satisfaction. Through collaboration we achieve a trendy, contemporary, authentic product; Our Customer Service… we standout from our competitors by offering a personalized and unique customer service experience. The trust and relationship we upkeep with our clients is an integral part of the final outcome of the projects. From pre-sale to post-sale our team is here for your needs.

Our successes with you…

In 20 years we have accomplished a great deal. Our many modern constructions showcase our achievement. With each project our goal continues to be able to offer the best to our clients, while preserving the charm of Greater Montreal within Quebec.

Today The Pentian Group consists of:

  • 200 luxury houses in Val des Brises, Laval
  • 100 town houses and 130 affordable condos in Chomedey, Laval
  • 150+ condos close to downtown Montreal
  • 60+ houses and 120+ condos in Pierrefonds…

Over the course of the next few years The Pentian Group will pursue unique new projects and continue to be the innovative leader in construction in Greater Montreal.